You will need
  • commemorative address
  • postcard
  • Fax
  • e-mail
  • gift
  • cash
  • flowers
Remember, like any hero of the day, the company this afternoon hoping to get the congratulations in the address of firms and other institutions. How you will presented with a greeting: comic, officially or formally, depends on the extent to which the close company and which events in honor of this day, invited the organization.
First and foremost, the host praises the jubilee, is the Director of the company. Call in the morning to the Secretary or directly to the Director, say kind words, raise your mood appropriate quatrain. Make the morning greeting of Director of the company in a more original way. In the first half of day celebratory send the courier to the admissions office of the company celebrating anniversary with flower basket or a beautifully-packaged gift (one does not hurt). Territorial remoteness in the electronic age – not a hindrance. Fax thoughtful greetings, harvested from the heart, or color card attached in the email.
In anticipation of the holiday, we will issue the commemorative address for the whole team anniversaries, in the face of the head, on behalf of the staff congratulating the company from persons holding a leadership position. Usually, soft cover crust ' spells out the gold stamping letters and numbers of the anniversary date. In the liner at the turn to the right, please briefly describe the direction and achievements of the company, add the congratulatory words and wishes. Decorate the sheet left a nice background or a picture suitable to the activities of the firm.
Congratulations on the anniversary at the festival-presentation of the company focus on strengthening partnerships. Tell a brief but meaningful speech, emphasize all the advantages and positive aspects of the celebrating company. After the speech, present a memorable address and a bouquet. In addition, it is not forbidden to give a stylish gift.
Trust the old Alliance between the organizations allows us to expand the scope of greetings and gifts. Order funny clowns, who will meet and greet staff at the door of the office or enterprise. Taking part in corporate celebration of the anniversary as a guest, gave expensive gift standing firm ally. If invited representatives of several, take the trouble to prepare in advance a joke room or play spontaneously. Due to lack of talent, congratulations, invited artists. Evening fireworks ordered from your company in honor of the anniversary, make a splash and become a decent long-awaited conclusion of the anniversary day for all employees. Congratulation, presented with heart and sincere, will be accepted with great gratitude.