You have the right to change his name or surname only on reaching 14 years of age (the time of obtaining a passport). If you are between 14 to 18 years and you have decided to change the name, then this will require the consent of your parents (and mother and father) or adoptive parents (Trustees). If you do not have the consent of the parents or adoptive parents, you have the right to permit the change of name through the courts. If you are under 14 years, the name change will be made on the basis of permission of bodies of guardianship at the request of parents and by taking into consideration your desire or consent.
A statement about the change of name you must submit only to the registry office but at his residence. In the statement, you specify the following information: surname, name, patronymic; date and place of birth; citizenship; nationality (is optional); place of residence; your marital status. If you have minor children, the application must specify their full name and date of birth.
In addition, you must specify the application and attach photocopies of documents: birth certificate, certificate of marriage or its termination, birth certificates of minor children, etc. do Not forget to put the date and signature.
During the month your application must be considered. This period may be extended if you do not provide a full package of documents. If you have lost any documents, or for any reason unable to provide it, the application will be considered only after the restoration of necessary documents. If your documents have discrepancies, inconsistencies, you will need to troubleshoot. The monthly deadline for review of your application, it will be suspended.
The head of the registry office makes a decision on your application. In case of failure you have in writing to explain the reason for refusal and return all the documents. You have the right to appeal the denial of permission for change of surname in court. If the decision is positive, the Registrar will make necessary entries in the civil status acts.
Remember that you need during the month to register a new surname, name or patronymic, that is, to get a new passport of the Russian Federation. If you miss this deadline, the permission will lose its power. After the name change you will need to make changes to all the documents indicating your personal details (e.g. employment history or a certificate of pension insurance).