Posters for the wedding it is better to do one person but a whole group of people. By joint efforts, thanks to the imagination of a few friends, the result will be much better. Wedding posters can be put up not only in the Banquet hall, but also on the landing where the apartment of the bride. It is possible to arrange the ransom of the poster or with the assistance of some contests.

Materials for making wedding posters

To the poster, you may need a sheet of paper or Wallpaper, pencils, pens, markers, scissors, colorful ribbon, gouache for the application of volumetric labels, stencils with letters, ready letters, stickers. For writing the best wishes to find among your friends the person with calligraphic handwriting.

What to paint for the wedding poster

The poster must carry a funny, comic and entertaining as this celebration. But there can be as funny excerpts, and wise sayings on the relevant topic. They are easy to find online or create themselves. These inscriptions it is better to draw appropriate meaning pictures to be interesting. You can make a photo collage with pictures of the newlyweds, their friends, mother-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law and father-in-law. In this case, better pictures to trace with a marker or felt-tip pen to brighter to highlight them. A good addition to them will be humorous collages. The poster can do a montage with photos of the newlyweds, where they live in the rich Villa, resting on the Islands and so on. And you can place pictures of them, ranging from infancy to the present time.

A pleasant surprise for the newlyweds will be invited painters to the wedding, where they in the draw the young. This poster will be kept for many years.

Well, if the poster there is a place where everyone will leave their wishes for the young. The same poster may be separate from the main. It should also be decorate and make a sign from above, inviting guests to leave their wishes. Also at the wedding posters can be glued pockets for money with the appropriate inscription: "daughter", "son", "car", "the coat" and so on. The background of the poster should not be white, better make it colorful.

Several options for the labels on a wedding poster:

- You and I are a family now.

He married itself - help a companion!

- Missed the girls boyfriend!

- Son-in-law plus father - in-law a bottle is!

- Single - gender-person!

If a wedding take is don't forget to smile!

What kind of poster you decide to decorate the wedding, it needs to be done with soul and love.