You will need
  • A Windows PC, smartphone or tablet on Android, USB cable
The first method is to transfer files from PC to Android device using USB cable or card reader, if the information is stored on flash cards microSD. In order to transfer files, using USB cable, you must attach the device to the computer, choose on your tablet or phone to "use as a memory card" (otherwise, the device will perceive the PC as a network for recharging the battery and will not show itself as a connected device). Next, you need to copy the files on the computer and paste to the correct folder in the device memory on Android. If the device uses additional microSD card, you can pull it from the slot, insert into card reader and connect with computer. Next, you need to copy the desired files and paste onto a flash drive.
The second simple way to transfer data from computer to Android device if no wireless Internet is to transfer files via Bluetooth. This method is not convenient to transfer large amounts of files, since each file must be identified and sent separately. In addition, the transfer speed when using Bluetooth is much lower than in all other cases. To transfer files, you must enable Bluetooth on your PC and on your tablet or phone, then click the right mouse button on the file and press the "send via Bluetooth".
The third way of transferring this works when connected to Wi-Fi on both devices. The easiest way to combine devices into a single network and transfer files from PC to Android device. If it is impossible to combine the device in the network, you can also download the app Airdroid on your tablet and control the copying of files through the browser on your computer.
The fourth method works when the Internet on an Android device. When downloading apps that sync with cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox), you can transfer files to your tablet or phone from any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere in the world. Files are uploaded to the server in the Internet, where you can send a link for viewing and downloading. File size is limited only by the rate of payment of cloud storage (free and paid version). Saved the file in the system folder "pictures" "music" and "video". From there they can be sorted by user-friendly folders. Also with a mobile device you can upload files and transfer them to any computer.