Advice 1: How to insert a picture in the letter

Sometimes when you write an email, there is a need to illustrate the text, picture, chart, table. And it must be done directly in the email body and not add the file attachment. A few years ago this task was something only programmers or those who could correctly repeat their instructions. Now to insert the picture into your email everyone can.
How to insert a picture in the letter
You will need
  • Mail client
  • Computer or laptop
The mail program Mozilla Thunderbird.

Create a new message. In the messages menu on the top select the tab "Settings". In it we find a submenu of "Format". Choose "Formatted text (HTML)".

In the icon menu located under the column "Theme", click on the icon below pictures.

In the drop-down menu, select "Image".

Just choose the file you want to insert in the text of the letter and click on OK.
Mail program The Bat!

Create a new message.

From the bottom we find the button for "text Only" and click on it.

In the drop-down menu, select "HTML" or "HTML/plain text".

In the graphics menu from the top looking for the icon Picture.

Find the file you want and insert into the body of the email.
Mail program Microsoft Outlook.

Create a new message.

The menu letters on the top select the Format tab.

Select "HTML".

In the graphics menu, press the icon image and the words "picture".

Select the desired file and click on OK.

In Microsoft Outlook 2007 to insert a picture, you will need to select the top menu "Insert". In the drop down menu "pattern" choose "Picture" to locate and insert the file.
Inbox Gmail.

Today is the only service of email forwarding that allows you to insert a picture in the body of the email and not send it as an attachment.

Open Gmail, create an email.

In the upper right corner, click on the link "Settings".

In the opened menu choose the last item "Experimental features".

In the long list of proposed features, find "Inserting images" and select "Enable".

Click on "Save changes".

In the letter template on the left find "Advanced formatting". Choose.

There is a panel with icons.

Now you only click on the icon "Insert image", choose a file and send an email with a picture inserted in the body of the letter.
Useful advice
You can choose not only the picture or photo located on your computer, but also to specify the path to the image file hosted online.

Advice 2 : How to insert image in html table

The html language is not perfect and has some significant drawbacks. To assign a picture to a specific place on the page, it is better to insert it in the table. In this case, the image is considered as background and on top of it you can put text.
How to insert image in html table
You first need to create the table if it does not. This is the attribute of <body>. For this purpose, a tag (end tag required):
• <table> - table;
• <tr> - string;
• <td> the column.

The main extra attributes:
• Border – border;
• Align – horizontal alignment;
• Valign – vertical alignment;
• Bordercolor – the border color;
• Width – width;
• Height – the height.

The syntax of the 2X2 table with no border and a left/right alignment of the content:
<table border= "0">
<tr align="left">
<td>the Contents of the 1st cell</td>
<td> Content of the 2nd cell </td> </tr>
<tr align="right">
<td> the Contents of the 3rd cell </td>
<td> the Contents of the 4th cell </td> </tr>
The picture you need to register after the <td> tag. If you insert the image in the first cell of the table presented above, we get:
<table border= "0">
<tr align="left">
<td><img src="address of image format gif, png, jpeg"></td>
<td> Content of the 2nd cell </td> </tr>
<tr align="right">
<td> the Contents of the 3rd cell </td>
<td> the Contents of the 4th cell </td> </tr>

Additional attributes:
• Width – width;
• Height – height;
• Alt - alternative text to be displayed to a user if he disabled the feature of viewing images;
• Align – horizontal alignment;
• Valign – vertical alignment;
• Title – the caption of the image.
The image can be used as a reference. For this purpose it is sufficient to vest in the relevant tag: <a href="page that navigates"><img src="file name.png"></a>
In the context of the table it will look like this:
<table border= "0">
<tr align="left">
<td><a href="stranitsa.html"><img src="kartinka.png"></a></td>
<td> Content of the 2nd cell </td> </tr>
<tr align="right">
<td> the Contents of the 3rd cell </td>
<td> the Contents of the 4th cell </td> </tr>
Дополнительные возможности изображений.

1. Смена картинки на цвет при наведении на нее мышью и после смены местоположения курсора:
onMouseOver="'#номер цвета'" onMouseOut="'#номер цвета'"

2. Смена картинки на другое изображение при наведении мышью:
onmouseover="this.src='images/1.gif'" onmouseout="this.src='images/2.gif'"

3. Вставка вращающейся карусели из картинок в ячейку таблицы (значения можно менять):

<td align="left">
<BODY onload="Carousel()" background=>
<script type="text/javascript">
// 7 variables to control behavior
var Car_Image_Width=100;
var Car_Image_Height=100;
var Car_Border=true; // true or false
var Car_Border_Color="000000"; Border="0"
var Car_Speed=5;
var Car_Direction=true; // true or false
var Car_NoOfSides=6; // must be 4, 6, 8 or 12

/* array to specify images and optional links.
For 4 sided carousel specify at least 2 images
For 6 sided carousel specify at least 3
For 8 sided carousel specify at least 4
For 12 sided carousel specify at least 6
If Link is not needed keep it ""
Car_Image_Sources=new Array(

// NOTE No comma after last line

/***************** DO NOT EDIT BELOW **********************************/
CW_I=new Array(Car_NoOfSides/2+1);C_ClcW=new Array(Car_NoOfSides/2);
C_Coef=new Array(
3*Math.PI/2,0,3*Math.PI/2,11*Math.PI/6,Math.PI/6,3*Math.PI/2,7*Math.PI/4, 0,
var C_CoefOf=Car_NoOfSides==4?0:Car_NoOfSides==6?2:Car_NoOfSides==8?5:9;
C_Pre_Img=new Array(Car_Image_Sources.length);
var C_Angle=Car_Direction?Math.PI/(Car_NoOfSides/2):0,C_CrImg=Car_NoOfSides,C_MaxW,C_TotalW,

function Carousel(){
C_Pre_Img[i]=new Image();C_Pre_Img[i].src=Car_Image_Sources[i]}

function CarImages(){
else{ for(i=C_HalfNo;i>0;i--)CW_I[i]=CW_I[i-1];

function C_LdLnk(){if(this.lnk)window.location.href=this.lnk}
function C_Stp(){"pointer":"default";C_Stppd=true;}
function C_Rstrt(){C_Stppd=false}
</script><div id="Carousel" style="position:relative; width:130; height:21">

This is a lesson on how to insert a picture in HTML how to make how to make a flow of images with text, etc. it is known that images make the site more attractive and different from other resources, so the ability to use the tag "IMG" and its attributes are very useful in today's Internet. But, the main thing — sense of proportion! An overabundance of graphics will cause the weighting of the html page and hence increase the load time.
Useful advice
If the area is not match the actual size of the image you want to insert, then the picture will be stretched or narrowed to a specified in the html Img tag size. However, you should not use this method, for example, to reduce the size of inserted in the Html document pattern. It is better to resize the images in a graphic editor and then embed images in a Html document using a Html code editor.

Advice 3 : How to insert a picture into the message body in the Bat

Email client - this is a resident program installed in the personal computer and enabling the exchange of electronic letters without having to "manually" login on a remote mail server. One of the most widely used email clients - The Bat, he has a very wide design possibilities created letters, including inserting images into the text.
How to insert a picture into the message body in the Bat
Run The Bat and create a new message. This can be done by many ways - for example, if it should be a response to an email, you can select and press the answer button placed above the list of received messages. The same can be done by clicking the desired row in the list, right-click and selecting the context menu item "Reply". And you can select the line with message is received and press Ctrl + Enter. Similar methods exist for creating a new message, forwarding the received email to another recipient, etc.
Switch the format of the created emails in a mode that allows the use of HTML tags. Such modes in the latest versions of this email client two to HTML only and HTML + plain text. To choose one of them, open the menu window edited message Properties section and go to "mail Format". The two modes are formulated - the "HTML/plain text" and "HTML Only".
Enter the message text, and when he reached the right row, click the icon of insert image - it is placed between the message and the Subject field, to the right of icon text formatting. This will open a standard dialog box in which you need to find a file in your computer, select it and click "Open". After that, The Bat will place the specified image in the text of the letter.
Edit the inserted image. Its size can be changed if you click the mouse, and then move with it for the nodal points placed by the editor on the frame around the picture. In addition to size you can change, for example, alignment image - highlight entire row and click one of four icons next to the button for inserting pictures.
Send the prepared letter to the addressee, or place it in the Outbox by pressing the corresponding button in the Windows menu of editing messages.

Advice 4 : How to insert picture in Outlook

In the program a picture can be inserted into the user's personal data or invest in attached to the message file. Image from contacts of the recipient is not sent when sending mail.
The whole world in the computer
Then start Outlook. In the list of "All folders" select the folder "Contacts", go into it. As a rule, by default, in the opened window appears on the right a string with the name of the user under whose login Outlook is open. Click on any cell in this row will open the folder with the user data.
Cell for placing photos on the left side of the window next to the name of the contact and marked by the depiction of the silhouette. In addition, in summing up to the image of the cursor POPs up that says "Add photos". Click the left mouse button will open the browse window. Select the image and insert it by double-clicking. To save the image, click the floppy disk icon in the upper left corner of the window. When you move the cursor to this icon POPs up the words "Save". To save the changes with "Ctrl+s" .
If necessary, added photos can be deleted or replaced by another. When you hover over the image in the window with contact information appears in the pop-up menu "Change picture" and "Remove image". Select the desired action, run it and save the changes. To exit the contact window, click the x in the upper right corner.
If you need to transfer the Outlook file with the image, create a message and attach your attachment. Clicking on the icon with the image of the paperclip on the toolbar will open the browse window, select the desired file with a click of the mouse.
Possible to transfer images from your computer monitor the text of the message. Simultaneously press "Ctrl" and "PrtSc" on the fragment for the shipment, then go to Outlook and the window for text messages, right-click paste the saved image.
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