You will need
  • Mail client
  • Computer or laptop
The mail program Mozilla Thunderbird.

Create a new message. In the messages menu on the top select the tab "Settings". In it we find a submenu of "Format". Choose "Formatted text (HTML)".

In the icon menu located under the column "Theme", click on the icon below pictures.

In the drop-down menu, select "Image".

Just choose the file you want to insert in the text of the letter and click on OK.
Mail program The Bat!

Create a new message.

From the bottom we find the button for "text Only" and click on it.

In the drop-down menu, select "HTML" or "HTML/plain text".

In the graphics menu from the top looking for the icon Picture.

Find the file you want and insert into the body of the email.
Mail program Microsoft Outlook.

Create a new message.

The menu letters on the top select the Format tab.

Select "HTML".

In the graphics menu, press the icon image and the words "picture".

Select the desired file and click on OK.

In Microsoft Outlook 2007 to insert a picture, you will need to select the top menu "Insert". In the drop down menu "pattern" choose "Picture" to locate and insert the file.
Inbox Gmail.

Today is the only service of email forwarding that allows you to insert a picture in the body of the email and not send it as an attachment.

Open Gmail, create an email.

In the upper right corner, click on the link "Settings".

In the opened menu choose the last item "Experimental features".

In the long list of proposed features, find "Inserting images" and select "Enable".

Click on "Save changes".

In the letter template on the left find "Advanced formatting". Choose.

There is a panel with icons.

Now you only click on the icon "Insert image", choose a file and send an email with a picture inserted in the body of the letter.