You will need
  • A small amount of money to pay for domain name and hosting
When you have decided that you will place on your websitee think of a catchy domain name. You will need to register a name for the website. Search the Internet companies that provide services to purchase domain names, register selected, pay for the hosting and place a website on it according to the instructions provided by the websiteom providing hosting services.
When a domain name purchased, website hosted, it's time to think about customizing the look of the website. Most hosting providers provide a constructor function websiteand through which to perform the necessary settings will be very simple. Depending on the desired filling, you will need to find a suitable management system for the websiteom - the so-called CMS. If you want to have a personal text blog, you will approach a very popular content management system - WordPress. If you plan more serious the portal, note Joomla. There are also numerous engines available for online stores and other major portals. To see the list you can see "design a websites" in the control panel of your hosting.
Run the Adjuster all the required CMS actions, and your website will work. Now you need to choose the right theme, to fix all the headers to the desired, customized colors to set any background. Don't forget that you can improve the appearance and functionality of your websiteand with the help of different widgets.
For readability of your texts you can add a calendar widget with the weather, you can subscribe to your new articles for readers. You can also set your visitors counter to know exactly who is interested in your websiteohms. All this is done in control panel, and the required actions vary depending on your chosen control system websiteohms. Learn how to set up your own website you will be able in just a few hours - it's not as difficult as it seems!