Before starting to describe myself, let's see how it did for other users. This is necessary in order to make your profile more intense, interesting and informative, compared to others. Be sure to consider how you will describe the purpose of Dating. It can be friendship, family, communication through the Internet, rare to see, etc. From that goal depends on what category of men or women will seek to meet you.
The questionnaire should be answered based on the purpose of Dating. For example, if you write that your goal is "family & parenting", the hobby "weekly nightlife" is unlikely to be her accompaniment. But if you want to meet interesting girl for entertainment, a hobby is fine.
The questionnaire also need to write about your financial situation, the conditions in which you live, whom you work, what you do in your free time, what interests you and what you expect to see in your man. This information is usually interested in those who want to meet you, and if you try to avoid providing it, it will cause a negative reaction. If you write by yourself you find it difficult, some sites offer ready-made text blocks examples of biographies that you can take a sample and tweak.
If, despite these examples, you still feel difficulty in describing yourself, enlist the help of relatives or friends. They, like anyone else, are perfectly familiar with your advantages and disadvantages. You can also try to answer the following questions. Do you have a distinguishing trait? What you like and what you don't like? Do you have a dream? What do you like and dislike in other people? What qualities do you value in yourself and others? What, in your opinion, makes a relationship successful? What are your Hobbies? How do you see your loved one?
Tell us about yourself honestly, adhering to the facts. Naturally, you will want to show their best side, but these qualities must be really inherent in you. Be truthful and in the description of his appearance. You can put on your page a few favorite photos that show you in the best possible way. Just not worth it to cheat and post processed or old photos – the first date deception still pop up, and you will disappoint a new friend.