1. For cooking for 2-3 people need to take 150-170 g of buckwheat. Pour it in a convenient selection of black grains and debris in the bowl or some other container.
2.After cleaning buckwheat from foreign particles, wash in cold water. Carefully toss the cereal, as though stirring it. Drain the water and fill with new until, until the liquid from the washing is clear and clean.
3. Washed buckwheat need to shift in the pan, pour 300-350 ml of water, add salt and then boil until cooked on low heat. Be sure to cover the pan, leaving a small crack for water has evaporated. After all the water has evaporated and absorbed into the buckwheat, the pan should be removed from heat and let stand another 5-10 min. At the same time for the best cooking cover the pan with a towel.
4. Meanwhile, you must prepare the stew. Chop the meat pieces and place them on a heated pan,pre-greased with butter or oil. Add to the stew the finely chopped greens (parsley,dill), salt, ground black or red pepper to taste. You can also put pre-fried until Golden brown the finely chopped onion.
5. Fry the stew for 5-7 minutes on medium heat. Then put in the pan ready buckwheat and soak all the dish on slow fire for another few minutes. Put the finished dish in the plate and garnish with vegetables.