You will need
  • sites of gifts, experiences, Internet, phone, possible: candles, caps, whistles, bubbles, Board games
Tip one: exploration

If you are familiar with childhood or University days, you probably know a friend even better than her parents and boyfriend. So that you simply only decide what she likes: sports wing, cozy gatherings or noisy parties in fancy places. If such a task as organizing a friend's birthday for the first time confronts you, it is better to ask a friend, the atmosphere in which she would like to celebrate this holiday.
Tip two: budgeting

A good gift is not necessarily expensive. A picnic of sandwiches and a game of badminton, home theme party, an evening at the rink or riding a Shuttle boat will cost relatively inexpensive. If your plans are more steep option (going on the kart track or the ski slope, dinner in the restaurant, going to a club or concert), then, if the relationship in your company allow, it is appropriate to ask all participants to pay for itself. A luxury gift experience (flying a helicopter, riding in limousines or party-bus'e, party in the SPA) you can give together: friends, decided to congratulate the birthday girl, will take part financially, and you — like best friend — will take on organizational issues.
Tip three: time and place

Select the date of the celebration: if your birthday falls during the week, you may want to note it next weekend. Check with the birthday girl the guest list, call them and find out who can come. Reserve restaurant (boat, SPA or sport club) if you would like for your event shut down the school. When the birthday falls on the summer season or the eve of the national holidays, it is better to negotiate the rent of the hall and the transport in advance (a month or two before the date). Consider decorations for the room and shop where you can order a bouquet for the birthday girl.
Tip four: details of the celebration

Think of the theme of the party, in accordance with which it is possible to choose a platform for its conduct and/or dress code for guests. You can prepare a gift-the greeting song karaoke, or other actions). For home party or a picnic, purchase costumes (caps, whistles, markers for wine glasses, bakeware, sets for desktop and mobile games).

Of course, the celebration of a friend is difficult, but that will not do for the native and close person. But this birthday she will never forget!