You will need
  • phone
  • SIM card MTS
  • a computer with Internet connection
Select no more than three contacts with whom you communicate most often. As a "favorite" you can connect any operator, as long as it belonged to your region, you can even add your favorite numbers local phone.
To add a number to the list dial *111*42# and then press call. The screen will appear with further instructions, following which you will be able to connect favorite number.
You can use the service of MTS, which is called Internet assistant. Click on the link There you will need to login, after which you can start to manage your account. The service allows not only to connect your favorite rooms, but to make other settings.
If you have not installed the password for the account in the online assistant, you can do this by dialing *111*25# then the call button. You will receive instructions that will help you to set a password for the account. Another way to get the password is to call the call center of MTS by the short number 1115. Free call unless you are roaming. Set a password, following the recommendations of the MTS on this account: password length from 4 to 7 characters, this should be numbers.
You can set up for their favorite numbers some options, for example, to turn on "another account". To do this, dial *111*2137#, hit the call button. Balance of another subscriber is connected and using the Internet assistant. Now, to check balance, dial *140*[the number in the caller without eight]#, hit call. Soon you will receive an SMS with the requested information. If you often use this service to dial each time such a long team, the whole combination, you can make an address book.