On some forums installed the function transformation of the text links in the active link. For this you need to specify the entire link, before using it http://

Copy and paste into the message the address of the site or its individual pages, which you want to share with other forum users. It won't take more than a minute of time.
To insert into your forum message correctly designed link, first, copy it in not sent by post. Next you need to set the tags for the hyperlink. Consider as an example the forums on the phpBB engine distributed in the network.

Write or select in the editing pane of the tags [url][/url]. Between these tags, enter the text that will be displayed in place of the link. Then, in the first unclosed tag after the url with an equal sign and write back the copied link at the right site.

An example of a properly formed hyperlink: []link Text[/url].
If you want to give a link to an external site, and on some inner message of the forum, on most forums there is a special feature. In the header you need of forum posts next to the author name and date of placement find the drawing of a small leaf. Click the right mouse button and select "Copy shortcut". Now this link you can paste into your message any of the above methods.