You will need
  • - color embroidery floss in two colors
  • - the pin.
Cut eight strands of embroidery floss the same length same color, which will be woven the letters and then cut five strands the same length of the other background colors. One of these threads should be longer than the others – this thread will be the main.
To this thread enough for all the beaded baubles you can use the whole skein, not cutting it. Put threads in the correct order – the left should be two background threads, then all eight threads of a different color, again to the right two background threads, plus the long working thread. The ends of the threads tie in a knot and secure with a pin.
Start to wind the yarn from right to left, the working thread simple knots. Dawasa to the left side, continue to knit the next row, tying the threads from left to right. Repeat these steps until until you build the desired length of the background fabric. In contrast to the usual baubles line knots in this technique of weaving lies not on the diagonal, and exactly horizontally.
Now start to weave the letters of the name – for convenience, you may draw a diagram to distribute the knots that make up the letters, in length and width baubles. Make working thread the number of knots to the right and then stop at one of the knots and make thread of a different color node on the main thread, directing the node to the opposite left side. Thus, following the location of the nodules of the letters in the diagram, weave the first row of the first letter.
Knots in a contrasting thread, which you knit letters, should always go against the direction of the nodules of the working thread. If a working thread knit right to left nodules, nodules of the letter should be sent from left to right and Vice versa.
Firmly tighten the knots, make them neat and identical to the letters turned out smooth and beautiful. Finishing weave name, weave some more rows of the background color of the working yarn and complete the weaving.