You will need
  • - PVC edge;
  • - bar with glued sandpaper;
  • - the file;
  • - iron or a heat gun;
  • - glue the fabric.
Inspect the internal part of the edge. If you see that it has adhesive coating, take an iron and turn it to the mode of "synthetic". Put an edge on the clean end of the DSP or in the fresh clean cut, purified from wood dust. Edge have to close the whole cut, in width it is wider than countertops, so make it easy.
Begin to heat the edge of the iron. You can use the newspaper as a gasket between the iron and the edge. When you feel that edge starting to heat up and stick, keep the iron on and pre-heated the edge smooth using a cloth. Smooth, while the edge cools down. Repeat along the entire length.
In the absence of the inner surface of the PVC edges of the adhesive layer, use any universal adhesive, for example, "Moment". Before you apply the glue to the surface edges and the end of the DSP, verify cleared if the end of a dust and sawdust. Are they flat and smooth.
Apply glue to both surfaces and wait a while, according to the instructions of the glue. Then, tightly clutching the edge of the end panels, glue it while smoothing out a folded several times with a soft cloth or special roller.
Inspect tightly glued edge if there is somewhere a loose fit. If such places do exist – repeat this operation. Take the file, and only when all are securely glued, the protruding edge, the edge can be chipped. For this file, keep both hands and his press plane on the projection of the edges from Kromidovo the end and break off to the side of the countertop along the entire length.
Finish off with a cleaved end edge of the cloth.