Going to buy a puppy. If you bought a puppy with a pedigree, it is already indicated by its name, required for legal reporting and exhibitions. Usually the name in the pedigree consists of 2 words: the first starts with a letter of the kind" dogs, her father; the second to the first letter of the name of the mother. However, the second the name of the breeder is able to choose himself. But usually such a tricky nickname dog owners in daily communication with the pet is not used – it is too long and unusual to the ear of the dog.
как кормить щенка таксы
Start off by choosing a name with words that contain the traditional "dog" sounds: "p", "l", "m", "","", "y". Very good there are such combinations of sounds as "ay", "AV" ("AF"), etc. for Example, Earl, Alf, Naida, Mike. Pick up the dog, which is not associated with other animals. So, it is not necessary to name the puppy, the cat, Masha, Homa.
карликовая такса кормление
Note on the habits of the animal. If the kid is naughty, with passion gnaws not only shoes, but also a chest of drawers mahogany, call it Jim, Tarzan, or Magda. On the contrary, if the puppy is balanced, and from first minutes of visiting the house obeys the master, it is possible to call it a Resolution or a Calvin. If the dog is gentle with children, then it will fit names like Gloria or Oscar.
имя для щенка девочки таксы
Do not forget that the Dachshund is a Bloodhound, regardless of whether you need a dog to hunt or do you plan to keep her at home. That in the name of taxes "sounded" its hunting purpose, it is sufficient if it is as short as possible (not more than 2 syllables) and easy to remember (ARS, Bertha, Wad). Pay attention to the exterior of the dog indispensable in hunting foxes.
как дрессировать щенка таксы
Call taxi in Association with various objects, which it resembles its elongated body and pointed muzzle. Sausage, Sausage, and even Train – give such names today hosts its excessively stretched wards. It is difficult to say how such half-polyascorbate names are themselves taxes, but in any case, be very careful when choosing a name, because it is in some way determines the fate of the dog, and man.
такса содержание в квартире
Go to sites dedicated to dogs. Almost all of them have a huge list of names from which you can choose the right name for your pet.