First - rent. If you plan to hold the event in the restaurant, this item can be, most likely, to lower. There is a room hire is already included in the cost of meals which you order for your Banquet. But if you want to rent a boat, a hall in a hotel or a tent in the Park, it is better to lay in an estimate of the additional amount.
Second - the service. Usually it is 10 % of the total bill for a Banquet. Tip you can leave at your discretion.
Third - the cost of food and drinks. Here you can save, agreeing to bring your own alcohol. Usually restaurant drinks quite expensive budget item. And buying them in the store, you will significantly reduce the cost of the Banquet. Very often administrators are restaurants you go to these concessions, if you order a Banquet for a certain amount from a half-two thousand rubles per person. You can also agree that you alone will order a cake for the Banquet.
When the choice of dishes is not necessary to order for each guest by serving salad, hot fish and meat. Agree that all will be on the shared dishes, and everyone can take what he wants. Order your fish and meat and vegetables. Let on the table a variety. If you have planned, for example, 50 people, to distribute food as follows: Fish - 15 servings;
- Meat 25 servings;
- Vegetables - 10 servings.Believe me, enough for everyone and even remain. When you order, consider who among the guests - men or women. If women - the amount of fish and vegetables can be increased by reducing the meat dishes.
A separate article - the design of the room. Here, depending on your fancy, you can spend from 5000 rubles and up to infinity.
Think about whether you need the host of the event or you will cost on their own. The choice Toastmasters take responsibility, ask around friends, maybe someone can recommend a good host.
Think in advance about the delivery of guests to the celebration. Lay a certain amount on a rental bus. If guests arrive in their cars, make sure that next to the restaurant had enough space for Parking.
Going to an event, bring a sufficient amount of money. Tools you will need if you will break the dishes, if you suddenly don't have enough food or have to buy alcohol.
To organize an event for a large number of guests - not an easy task, but whatever happens, don't worry. It's okay if something didn't go exactly as you planned. The main thing - to create a holiday atmosphere, it will be remembered who came to the event people.