Try to buy flowers in ready-made bouquets, and choose them separately. Sellers often make a bouquet of flowers that are already starting to fade. In this case, make sure that the plant was not damage and dry leaves/petals.
Buying flowers in the winter, pack them in newspaper to keep warm. And bringing them in from the cold back home, do not rush to remove the paper: let the gerbera daisies will warm it for about an hour. After that, place the bouquet in a bucket of water and cover the top with paper, leave for 20 minutes. Even in summer the wildflowers have to be protected from harmful air. Carry them home tightly shrink-wrapped.
If the wildflowers begin to fade, "cheer up" their water solution: 4 liters of water 2 teaspoons of alcohol and a few drops of ammonia.
Put the flowers in water and it cut 2-4 cm from the stem; the incision is better to do oblique. This will save the life of the plant and help it to consume the moisture. Water level for Gerber – about 5-8 cm
Put a vase in a bright place but avoid direct sunlight on the flowers. Drafts also dangerous for gerberas.
Gerberas are very sensitive to dirty water. To keep water clean, put into it a piece of charcoal or silver object.
Gerberas can be kept in water with sugar. Before you put flowers in a vase, dissolve in hot (!) water 2 teaspoons of sugar.
Change the water in the vase daily, be sure to washing the dishes cleaning products. Each time a little bit to cut the root of a plant. So the flower will stay bright and fresh for two weeks. It is possible by using a flower will rubbing the stem with salt.