You will need
  • vase;
  • - warm water;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - sugar;
  • - activated carbon.
Before you put the orchids in a vase, with a sharp knife cut the lower stems and leaves. Further carry out pruning every day to prevent them from rotting, because it is on the decaying sections of bacteria multiply rapidly. The cut should be done directly in water or under running water, it needs to be oblique (diagonally). The edge of the slice could be split with a knife into 4 parts.
Put a vase with the Orchid away from drafts and direct sunlight. Cut Orchid does not like too warm environment, the best temperature 15-18ºC.
Bouquet of orchids no need to spray as many other flowers. From water on the delicate petals can stain, which will quickly begin to darken and shrink. If the flowers have stamens, remove them.
Of the many substances that are added to the flower vase to prevent bacteria to orchids is only good pinch of sugar. Or tablet of activated charcoal, if you put the flower in water, not undergone the purification in the filter. Or buy in a specialized flower shop a special tool for cut flowers. The consultant will tell you what is good for orchids. Follow the instructions that each sachet of powder. This solution does provide flowers over a long life.
Frequently change the water in the vase with orchids is not recommended, better to just pour it out as evaporation and absorption colors. But if you noticed in the traces of a vase of flowering (water turned green), then take out the orchids, vase, wash inside warm soapy water, rinse well, type of clean water and put the flowers in a vase.