Advice 1: How to feed the ferret

Ferrets – interesting and cute animals. They have long been domesticated and can become a good and loyal companions. Caring for ferrets is different from caring for other Pets. Special should be feeding.
How to feed the ferret
You will need
  • -live feed;
  • -falsecase;
  • -vegetables and fruits;
  • -the vitamins;
  • -dry food;
  • -water.
Let's ferret food live food. It can be rats, mice, worms, birds, feed roaches, small fish. This food should only be purchased in pet stores. Or, even better, grow your own. Do not let your ferret wild animals (fish, insects, birds). They are carriers of many infections. It could kill the ferret.
Start ferret in a cage and there put a live feed. First, the animal would play with him, and then eat. After that, thoroughly clean the cage from the remnants of the meal.
If you are unable to give food to the ferret living creature, feed it fortecasa. Well rasarite any mess. Add carefully chopped meat. To the same place offal. It may be the liver, heart, kidneys and so on. Add in parscale milled bone, a little skin. I.e. the composition of the meals should at least approximately correspond to the whole animal.
Meat is better to take low fat. Avoid pork and lamb. These products are heavy for the stomachs of ferrets. Once a week let's get a couple of whole chicken heads. Of course, to make it better in the cage. The head can be replaced with chicken necks.
Get an toepiece vitamins for ferrets and regularly give them to your pet. Never use food or vitamins for other animals. Once or twice a week give your ferrets any fruits or vegetables, but in small quantities.
If you decide to feed your ferret dry food, first do not use other types of food. At the same time to give dry food, live food and parscale is not recommended. In order to translate ferret dry food, you need to enter them in the diet in a certain way.
On the first day fully re-hydrate with milk. Add the same volume of raw chicken breast. Such a mixture and feed the ferret. With each day decrease the amount of meat in the diet. Then every day add less and less milk until, until the ferret is completely switch to dry food.
Measure the weight of food that a ferret can eat at one time. At the next feeding give him exactly the same portion. If you give him the more he will begin to hide food in various places. Fresh water ferrets should always be free to access. Change it twice a day.
Before giving ferret food, thoroughly wash it. They have a very weak digestive tract. Dirt or infection in food of animal could kill him.
Useful advice
The behavior of the ferret does not depend on its method of feeding. Even if you only give him a live feed of the animal is not aggressive.

Advice 2: What to feed the ferret at home

The correct feeding of the ferret depends not only on his health but also mood. When the content in the home they need to provide a full range of food. Some product categories should be treated with caution, despite the fact that the animals they love.
The diet of the ferret

The ferret is a carnivorous animal

The main thing that should remember to every owner of a ferret is an animal belongs to the category of carnivorous. The main place in their diet is a food rich in protein and carbohydrates. Ferrets are able to digest food, so even the bones are digested in the body just in a few hours.

In the natural environment ferrets feed on small rodents, birds and eggs. At home they are willing to eat cooked poultry, meat, Turkey and chicken. And bone to remove is not necessary. The jaw structure allows the animal to cope with large chunks of meat, bones and teeth necessary for normal skeletal development. Caution is necessary to show the raw meat and pork from better to just give up. Rarely give ferrets boiled beef with a minimal amount of fat.
Please note that when feeding your ferret, in any case you cannot mix the ready to feed with natural food. Such experiments may turn into urolithiasis in your pet.

As additional sources of vitamins animals should definitely include in the diet of cottage cheese, liver, vegetable oil and fish oil. Occasionally you can pamper ferrets with mice and rats, which are sold in specialized stores.

Experts recommend to cook the Pets, the so-called "parscale" based on meat, bones and any cereals. In addition, there are special dry food for ferrets enriched with vitamins and nutrients. Do not confuse these products with pet dogs and cats.

What you can not feed a ferret

From your diet homemade ferret is to completely eliminate sweets, dairy products, and fresh apples. Such products are poorly absorbed in the stomach and excessive feeding harmful food can lead to not only indigestion, but also to serious diseases.

Almost every ferret was eating condensed milk. The animal experiences the delight of this delicacy. Only offer him the product cannot be. Condensed milk combines the sugar and milk that ferrets are contraindicated.
Ferrets are very picky to new foods in your diet. A new food it is better to add to the usual feed in small portions.

Plant foods

In the wild ferrets eat virtually no plant food. These animals are predators and feed exclusively on animal food. At home, you can offer your pet raisins, peas, potatoes or carrots.

The water in the diet of a ferret

The ferrets during the day, consume a fairly large amount of liquid. Water should be freely available constantly. The drinker should be updated periodically, but to pour too cold water is not necessary.
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