You will need
  • A network hub.
You can come up with a huge number of schemes local area network with shared Internet access. We consider a situation in which for the connection of computers together to use for a network hub, and one of the PCs included in the network will function as a server and router.
Just want to note that this method is one of the cheapest but not the most convenient. Purchase additional network card for the computer and network hub for network creation.
Place the hub in the most convenient location. Remember that you'll need to connect it to AC power. Connect all the computers and laptops that will be part of a local network, with the network hub.
The computer to which you connect additional network card, connect with cable Internet access. Configure the connection in accordance with the provider's recommendations.
Open the properties of the created connection to the Internet. Select the tab "Access". Allow me to use the Internet connection of the computer to the local network. Specify the network that is built using hub.
Go to network connection properties. Open the data transfer Protocol TCP/IPv4. Set a static IP address which should be
Perform a similar configuration of the network adapters of other computers. Each time, change the last digit of the IP address in the field "Preferred DNS server" and "default gateway" enter the IP address of the computer.
If you did everything correctly, then all the LAN computers will have access to the Internet. A prerequisite for this: computer-router must be enabled. Naturally, the Internet connection he should be active.