You will need
  • computer, external hard drive, the program Folder Guard.
To deliver the password on the external drive, you need to use an additional program. Very convenient and easy to use utility is Folder Guard. Download this program from Internet and install it on your computer.
After installing the program, connect the external drive to the computer. Run Folder Guard. After running you will see the program window, which will show all hard drives of your computer and their local sections separately. Among them will be your removable hard drive.
Find it and double-click on its icon with the left mouse button. After this you will see another small window. In this window, and you can put a password on the hard disk. To do so, select "Lock password", clicking on it with the left mouse button. A dialog box will appear in which there will be two rows. In the top row enter the password and repeat it in the lower input. For best security the password must contain at least six characters. After entering the password, press OK. In the next window, again click OK.
When the operation is complete, close the program. In the process of closing a dialog box appears with a request to save the settings. Confirm it by pressing "Save settings".
Now go to "My computer" and attempt to access an external hard drive. When you click "Open" dialog box will appear requesting a password. Enter the password and the hard disk will open. After you close the hard drive, again a dialog box will appear, but this time with a query - whether to leave the hard drive "zaparoleny"? If you select Yes, then next time to open this hard disk, you will need a password. If you press "No" the next time it is opened a password is not required, and if you'll want to lock a hard disk with a password, this procedure will need to go again.