You will need
    • any meat;
    • rice Krasnodar - 2 St
    • carrots - 1 piece;
    • onion medium size - 1 piece;
    • garlic - 3 cloves;
    • salt
    • seasoning.
The first step is to take a deep plate, pour the rice and soak it, the Gulf of hot water. This is necessary in order to make it swell faster and it's roasted. Leave the rice on time, preparing the gifts, which will consist of onions, carrots and meat.
It is very simple. There is a choice to either shred the carrots or simply cut into slices 0.5 cm wide. The taste of the pilaf will not change, but to some it may be uncomfortable to eat large pieces of carrot in the finished dish. To the carrot and added chopped onion. Meat cut into medium pieces.
Vegetables and meat fry on medium heat in a pan in vegetable oil, which should completely cover the bottom. Cooking time frying can be identified by the color of the vegetables. They should be Golden brown. Once the vegetables are ready, add rice, then salt and spices to taste, all filled with water, which eventually will cover the pilaf 2 cm. Optionally, you can add some garlic that will add spice to pilaf, Bay leaf and spices.
Then the risotto will cook on a slow fire, for about 20 to 25 minutes. You can gently lift the lid of the pan, not to interfere. Once all the water boils away - pilaf ready.
Usually the pilaf is served on a large dish, and eat it with hands. However, it is possible to depart from this ritual and put the meal on beautiful plates. Hot pilaf is very satisfying and nutritious. Cooked in a pan, he will not yield for its taste pilaf, cooked in the pot.