Thoroughly examine the goods. A good consultant is able to perceive the goods in the form of tables, graphs, diagrams, drawings and presentations. Moreover, these visual AIDS it creates itself and keeps itself in the head. To think of volume, it is necessary to examine the product better than anyone in the company. You have to know everything - from creation of product until its use. As a scout, you must be aware of the features, the nuances and types of goods/services.
Create the aura of expert. Customers who come into the store, respond in a certain way on the exterior of the consultant. If the shop sells complex technical elements, and the consultant looks like a nerd, trust to it will not. Artificially create around themselves the aura of a specialist. Consider to the details of appearance, shoes, bag, accessories. Everything should be tailored to the goods sold. Giving you glance, the buyer must immediately determine that you are a specialist with whom you can consult. This effect can be achieved with the help of these parts and the badge with the appropriate labels.
Learn to identify the needs. This will help any technology-literate questions. Read the relevant literature and test into practice tips on identifying customers ' needs. You need to see the needs of buyers clearly. Do not expect that they will talk about the problems. Specialist differs from the Amateur that is able a few questions to clarify the situation.
Make a "bridge" between the needs of the buyer and the properties of the product. You have to tell about the product in the language of a particular person. In your head you should see a diagram of the transition from problems of the buyer to the solution of using the products/services that have. Think over this point quickly, but in detail. While "bridge" is not drawn, neither of which the sale could not be considered.
Present the buyer the solution to his problem. What became apparent at the 4th step, you need to present to the client. No need to tell about all the properties of the product. Of course, you know about the product a lot. But knowledge will not amaze the buyer and not make him pay money for the goods. Client is only interested in the solution of a specific problem. Tell us all about the product that will help to solve this problem. Other properties and characteristics of the product leave with him, for other clients. Your task is to lay the desired piece of information, not to overfeed the client. Otherwise he will get confused and leave to find another consultant.