You will need
  • soap;
  • knife;
  • -grater;
  • -2 pans;
  • water;
  • -spoon and fork;
  • -glassware or utensils for microwave.
Take a large number of remnants, can be different color and size. Sharp knife chop them into small pieces. The smaller the pieces, the easier it is to melt the soap. If you decided to melt a large bar of soap, you need to do differently.
Take a sharp grater with large cells. Grate the entire bar of soap. This is not difficult. If the grater is blunt, sharpen it and continue the process.
Take two pans. One should be placed in another. The gap between the pots should be 2-4 inches. Pour water into the pot, which more. Put a smaller pan in it. The water should not reach the edge 2 inches.
Pour the soap into a smaller pan and the whole structure put on a small fire. Next put a large container of water or any broth. Continuously stirring it in a water bath. After 3-5 minutes, add little water.
The soap will gather in large clumps. Do not pay attention to it. Continue to stir. When the soap has dissolved a little, add more water. And do this every time the liquid starts to thicken.
To melt one bar of soap, you'll need about half an hour. All this time the resulting mass stir. Do not be distracted for a minute. To speed up the process you can use a fork or whisk hard. They separate dense clumps of soap in the end of cooking. Early in the process to do it is useless.
Take the grated or sliced soap. Put it in a glass dish. Or a special dish for the microwave. In soap, you can add a little water or broth of herbs. Put the mixture in the microwave for one minute. Mix the ingredients.
If necessary, place it for some time in the microwave. After the first time periods of heating do small. For example, 15-30 seconds. Otherwise you can overheat the soap, then it will go bad.