You will need
  • paper
  • handle
Write the word in which you need to determine the number of sounds. For example, the word "solder".
Stranscript that word. In order to properly write a transcription, learn a few rules. First, the letter "ü", "y" never represent a separate sound, but only indicate the hardness or softness of the preceding sound. The word "solder" the letter "ü" indicates that the sound [t'] is soft. The softness in the transcription is indicated with an apostrophe.
The letter "e", "e", "Yu", "ya" after a soft consonant respectively denote the sounds [e], [o], [y], [a]. The letter "I" always denotes the sound [and].
The letter "e", "e", "Yu", "I" at the beginning of words or after a vowel sound represent two sounds: corresponding vowel and the sound [j] ("Yot"). Therefore, the word "solder" after the sound [a] email [ja].
In unstressed syllables after a consonant in the Russian language can be pronounced with the following vowels: [a], [], [y], [y] ("er"), [s] ("Eph"). Vowels of the syllable coming before the shock (the first pretonic syllable), denoted respectively [a] (the letter "a" or "o") and [] (the letter "I" or "e") or []. Other pretonic vowels and sardarni syllables are denoted as [s] ("Eph") – after soft consonants or [y] after hard consonants.
Write the transcription in its entirety. Do not forget to specify the softness of the soft consonants. In the case of the word "solder", the transcription would appear as follows: [PR ipaat'].
Now count the sounds in the transcription. In this case, their 8, that is, the same as letters.