You will need
  • A computer running the Windows operating system, processor, AMD, Cool n Quiet, AI Booster software, Internet access
If you use a processor of AMD, to reduce the frequency of processor can take advantage of Cool-n-Quiet. This program should go in the set of drivers to the motherboard. If you don't have it in stock, download from official website AMD.
Just install the program on your computer, and then restart your PC. Now, when the load on the CPU is small, the program will automatically reduce the CPU frequency. Accordingly, lower processor power consumption and the rotational speed of the cooler. Note that when running this application, it is not always possible with the help of different programs to control the fan speed of the computer.
Also lower the CPU frequency by using the AI Booster program. Download this application from Internet and install it on your computer. After installing the program, restart your PC. On the program panel, find the button with an arrow, clicking on which will open another panel of the program.
On this panel, find the line CPU. Below this line, select External frequency. Below is the figure responsible for the dispersal of the CPU. Opposite this figure, there are two buttons – "+ and "-". Use the button "-" to lower the figure by a few points. Save the settings by clicking on Apply. The computer restarts and the CPU speed will be reduced.
If you use a laptop with Windows 7 operating system to reduce CPU frequency you can use the system capabilities. Click "start" - "control Panel". Select the component "Food", and "energy Saving". Now idle CPU speed will be reduced. This method can also be used on home PCs. Just in comparison with laptops, the result will not be as noticeable.