You will need
  • - Adobe Photoshop;
  • - Photo to Cartoon
Open Photoshop and select to edit a picture ("File" - "Open"). Copy it to a new document and name the layer "Base". Then duplicate the layer (Ctrl and J, or menu "Layer" - "Copy") and name it "Desaturated". Press Ctrl, Shift and U at the same time. Set the new layer name "Number 1".
Go to menu "Filter" - "Blur" - "Smart Blur". Do the desired settings for "Radius", "Threshold". Select "Best quality". Click OK and invert the layer by pressing keyboard keys Ctrl and I.
Click "Filter" - "Blur" - "Gaussian Blur", set a single radius. In the upper left corner of the application window, select the blending mode of the layers as "Hard Light".
Again, copy the layer with the desired name and place it over a layer of "Number 1". Now select "Filter" - "Stylize" - "Emboss". Make the most suitable settings, and then select "Hard Light".
Copy the layer "Desaturated" under the name "Number 3", placing it on top of the previous copy. Apply "Filter" - "Blur" - "Smart Blur". Again make invertly layer (Ctrl I).
Again, copy the "Desaturated", under the name "Number 4". In the layers palette, move it over "Number 3". The blending mode should be set to "Multiply" and the opacity should be no more than 40%. Copy the layer "Number 4". In the "Filter" - "Blur" - "Gaussian Blur" set radius to 3 pixels, the mode to "Multiply".
The Base layer also copy, place in the layers panel at the top. Select "Hard Light", copy. Mode select "Color". The edit completed.
There are also many online services that not only impose a certain effect, but also add some elements. For example, the service BeFunky will fit in order to make yourself a cartoon character. Large settings has the service