How a person refers to himself, is a direct reflection of his attitude towards others. And low self-esteem not only spoil relations and deprives the masses of possibilities, but almost completely destroys a person's life. One who does not respect and value themselves - not living. So the first thing you should do is to understand this simple truth.
Remember that any thought is material, and something negative that you think about yourself, be sure to come to life. Start thinking about yourself in a positive way, stop to scold, but rather praise. Even if, saying to himself approvingly the words that you internally disagree with them, go ahead. Do this regularly. Over time you will feel all these good thoughts about you don't seem so alien and strange, Yes, and you are imperceptibly began to meet them.
Rate yourself objectively. If you have a problem with respect and love for yourself means that you believe that is full of faults. Write down all their bad qualities on a sheet of paper and analyse each. Remember how and when was the last time you demonstrated a particular quality, think about why it happened. When problems are structured, fear of them is fading, and there comes a time when they can be solved.
However, you obviously will find several characteristics, the origin of which you cannot explain. They appeared either due to the people that you have appropriated them, or, so to say, "pile up". Think whether this refers to you, not whether it's fiction strangers. If so, feel free to cross out these meaningless words.
Now write down the qualities you need in order to begin to respect themselves. Perhaps you would like to become more confident in myself to stop being lazy or cheat. Rate, it difficult to instill these qualities, you need to ensure that they become your customers, and why you still do not have them. You will see that in order to love yourself you need to make only one small step.
Now is the time to describe all of its positive qualities. This would be very difficult, but necessary. You will be surprised that you make good, you have a beautiful voice, you are good and neat, and how it is possible not to appreciate?
Start to respect yourself in practice. Groom yourself, wear nice clothes, make hairstyle. You have excess weight? What's the use of hating yourself for it, better join a gym and discover a varied menu of healthy food. Watch your health, take care of yourself, because more such as you, no, you are unique, and therefore you should love and cherish.
Your environment is a direct reflection of your attitude. Therefore, it is very important that the person had friends, acquaintances, people of similar interests and chat with them bring mutual pleasure and benefit. So stop retreating from the world, he's not going to hurt you if you do not want.
Continue to improve yourself and learn to look for the exits. For example, to make it easier to fight laziness, find yourself an interesting hobby, which you can happily engage in a long time. And then you'll see that is not that you're lazy, you just had to find something to their liking.