You will need
  • respirator, gloves, cap, airbrush, spray paint.
In order to learn how to draw any type of graffiti, you should first try your hand on paper and then go to work on the street. Therefore, the first step in learning wild style will be sketching.
Think about what you would like to draw. Master "wild graffiti" usually write different words. It can be your own name or nickname, the name of your favorite band or some kind of short slogan or motto.
There are many fonts graffiti, so once you decide on the word that will draw, choose the most suitable technique of images of letters. See examples on websites or simply on the walls of your city. You can also try to develop your own style, which will differ from all the others, but don't forget that the font needs to match the name of the style to be "wild, bright, explosive.
Once you are happy with the font and theme of your drawing, start to practice. Sketching better on A4 sheets, so they are more intuitive and effective. The first sketches it is recommended to do a pencil so it was easy to correct mistakes and to correct drawing.
Experiment on your image, try to make him bulky and add a lot of additional parts, such as arrows and sharp corners. So many drawings in a wild style so complex and confusing that to read them is almost impossible, but that they become more original and interesting.
After a sketch in pencil, trace all the contours gel or ballpoint pen, and then fill in the letters with bright colors. You can draw anything you want - colored pencils, markers or crayons.
Now add the background and if your drawing you like, try to draw it on the wall. Don't forget that painting the walls in public places in our country is a crime, so better to find some secluded area and practice there.
Before you draw on the wall, appreciate your chosen place, and estimate where and how is your figure, and consider what equipment and materials you will need. If your chosen wall is porous, the pre-purchase primer, otherwise the paint will be instantly absorbed and will have to repaint. Think about whether you need a ladder and additional lighting.
Be sure to purchase a respirator and gloves to protect yourself from the particles sprayed from the spray paint. You may also need a few different caps (a cap is the nozzle on the spray, which depends on the thickness of the depicted line), airbrush and spray paint. If it is not possible to buy everything you need in hardware or specialized shops of your city, try, use the Internet and order what you need.