You will need
  • Internet access
  • The administrator account
Start with manual updates. Go to properties of "My computer" and open device Manager. Equipment that does not have a suitable driver installed, will be highlighted with an exclamation mark. Right click on desired hardware, and then select "update driver software". In the next window, click "automatically search and install drivers".
How to update the drivers for your laptop
Open any search engine online. Type in the "drivers 'equipment Model'. After downloading follow the steps of the first step, but choose not to automatically search, and "search for drivers on this computer". Next, specify the path to the pre-downloaded drivers. Best of all, if you found the drivers to be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer of the equipment. This way you will protect yourself from viruses and other threats.
How to update the drivers for your laptop
When not helping the above steps, there is only one way out. Download one of the many programs created to update and install drivers. An example would be the package Sam Drivers. This kind of software determine hardware, drivers which need updating or do not exist, then automatically install or replace necessary components.
How to update the drivers for your laptop