You will need
  • Operating system Windows 7.
Today, there are enough resources in the network from which you can make download gadgets for your desktop. All the gadgets on these resources, generally, are divided into several categories:
- the weather;
- clocks and time;
- exchange rates etc.
Select any category and search for the desired gadget. For example, you can select the category "Calendars". In the open category, choose any gadget you like. You can evaluate the gadget not only for its beauty but also functionality. To do this, click the name of the gadget will load a page with a description of its capabilities.
After you select a gadget, click the "Download" button or Download. Gadgets downloaded in the archive. After downloading the archive extract it to any folder on your hard drive using the program WinRar.
Open the folder with the unpacked the gadget and double click the left mouse button on the icon. The icon of the gadget depends on its type (for the calendar icon of the calculator and watches). You will see a dialog box with a warning about installing this gadget, click "Install". Installing gadgets is always quick, usually it's only a few seconds. At the end of the installation of the selected add-on screen will appear a small window in which to display the calendar.
Over time, the gadgets accumulate, quick editing of their parameters can be done using the applet "gadget gallery". To call collection, just right click on the desktop, select "Gadgets". In the opened window you will see thumbnails of all the installed gadgets.
If you want to clean any gadget, hook it with the left mouse button and drag the window "Collection of gadgets". To restore one of its gadgets, simply drag it from the window on the desktop.