You will need
  • the computer,the Internet.
In the operating system Windows 7 includes gadgets such as "weather", "clock", "calendar", "puzzle", and others. To install these gadgets to your desktop you must produce some action.
Just right click on a blank part of the desktop. A context menu will appear, where you should select the item "gadgets". Next you will see a small window with a collection of gadgets.
Select any app, such as "clock". Click on it twice with the left mouse button or just drag to your desktop. Hover over the clock. In the upper right corner will be two buttons "close" and "options". Click on "settings" you can configure the time zone or set the clock's own name. Also, you can choose a watch made in the operating system, the design of the dial. Thus it can be installed on the desktop and all the gadgets that are in the windows 7 operating system.
If you are not satisfied with those mini-apps that you have, you can download new ones from the Internet. Sites where you can do it absolutely free. In the window with a set of gadgets in the lower right corner is a button "find gadgets on the Internet". It will provide you a quick access to new mini-applications. Download the gadget to any location on your computer.
Then run the file with the extension . gadget by double-clicking the left mouse button. Such files have specific icons for calculator, watches and paper. After running the file a window appears with a security warning. Click in this window "install". Similar files do not pose a threat to the operating system.
Installation of a gadget is time not more than a minute. Wait until it installs on the desktop. All uploaded applications are placed in the window in the collection. You can install on Desk multiple gadgets.