You will need
  • - set corner accessories;
  • - the mitre box;
  • - hacksaw blade with the teeth down;
  • pencil;
  • - the range;
  • - drill;
  • - screws.
Start the installation of the baseboard in the corner with markup. Cut pieces of baseboard. If the angle of a complex configuration, for example, a ledge, chunks can be more than two.
If the plinth is plastic, then remove the detachable panel and pick him a fully compatible internal or external area. Insert a piece of skirting Board in the relevant area and, tightly pressed to the floor and the wall, attach it in place using the screws or the dowel-nail. If the plinth with the cable channel, then insert the wire. Then install the detachable panel.
If the baseboard is wood, you need a special device, called a mitre box or saw box. It can be purchased in the store, and you can make yourself. It made the basic cuts, like right angle and at an angle of 45 degrees. Insert the skirting in the mitre box and saw under 45 degree bias with the right hand, if the angle of internal space, the front side of the plinth will be an obtuse angle, if the angle of the external wall, sharp.
Act differently if the wall angle is different from the direct. From the vertex of the angle on the wall of the guide beam, separating the stupid corner on the floor in half. Use ruler and pencil and draw the beam on the floor. This line should match the line on which will be sawn skirting. Attach the baseboard to the wall, also make a relevant point on which to focus, laying the skirting in the mitre box.
Check the quality of the cut, aligning the baseboard in the corner before attaching it. If needed, use a belt sander or sandpaper. Screw the skirting into place.