For proper and precise fit floor skirtingand carefully obmerte room construction with a ruler and calculate the number of required skirtings. Schedule the installation of skirtings. Remember the Russian saying - measure twice, cut once!
Mark the attachment skirtings to the walls. Drill, drill in the walls of the hole depth of 50-70 mm at the desired height at a distance of 60-70 cm from each other. Insert in the holes of the wooden plugs. Make the walls invisible places of attachment.
Decorate the edge of those skirtings, which will be fixed in the internal or external corners of the room. Cut the edges at an angle of 45 degrees. Use a ready-made template or a custom fixture with a hacksaw.
Attach the skirtingand the walls with screws 3,5х35мм.
Fill screws wood putty using a flexible putty knife.
Ceiling skirtingand fillets, customize as well as the outdoor plinth. The only difference is that a fillet of glue stick. Small cracks that inevitably arise when fitting, coat with acrylic or mounting glue.