You will need
  • First of all, it must be remembered that the curls visually shorten the length of the hair. To medium length hair looked most alive, natural and elastic, it is optimal to choose easy to use hair rollers, which are practically safe for the hair.
Wash, then dry the hair a bit, but so that they were not dry, and humid.
Apply to hair styling. Most popular – foam hair. Type in the palm a small amount (about the size of a chicken egg) and distribute evenly through hair.
Twist the curler, start with the nape from the top down. A lock of hair the width of a curler lift up and comb.
In the middle of the curler, helping with a comb or with your thumb, put the ends of the strands.
Tightly wrap your hair in curlers, holding a finger already wound part of the hair is not slid. But don't overdo it – the scalp should not stretch.
Once the strand is fully wound up to the base of the hair and secure it with a rubber band or hairpin. In the second case, the first pin is attached to the base of the wound strands, and the rest to other wound curlers.
Next, twist the curler around, and then the parietal part. Bangs twist at the last turn.
After hair is completely dry, remove the curlers. To speed up the process can dry my hair, previously short wait until the hair has cooled down, but then the curls can quickly unwind.
After about 15 minutes, comb the hair, but it's better to just shake them and fix the varnish.