You will need
  • Dry gypsum-plaster mix Rotband, rule, narrow and wide spatulas, ceiling brush, screeds, plastering, trapezoidal rule, primer, sponge float, construction level, mixer, poluterok.
Prepare the surface for application of plaster mix to Rotbart. Remove from the surface of the walls the remains of plaster and paint. Using a broad brush clean the surface from dust particles. If the base is concrete, remove formwork grease and metal parts clean of rust.
Treat the surface with primer. With a roller or brush-ceiling brushes, apply it on the wall.
Install on the walls of the lighthouses, and on the slopes of the mesh angles of galvanized steel. Attach them with mounting glue or a small amount of diluted mixture of plaster Rotband. Using a level, align the beacons and the angles vertically and horizontally.
Mix mortar mix Rotbart, exactly following the instructions on the package. In a container pour 20 liters of water. Compound bag Rotband weighing 30 kg put in a container of water. Mix mortar using a mixer, bringing to a homogeneous condition. 20 minutes – time to work with a ready solution.
Apply Rotband to the surface. Narrow spatula, apply the solution on poluterok, spread on the surface, striking her in the direction from bottom to top. Align surface on beacons with the help of rules. When the mortar starts to set, remove the irregularities of the trapezoidal rule or a wide spatula. Keep proper thickness of plaster to outline, which should not exceed 20 mm and less than 5 mm.
After shvatyvanija a solution, when the surface becomes solid, power trowel the surface of the sponge float, dampened with water and smoothen with a spatula.