Never give in to momentary impulses – before you buy something via the Internet, carefully study the Internetstore in which you picked up the thing. Prefer only large, well-known and trusted companies, recommended by many other buyers.
Read reviews and recommendations on the store as well as do not be amiss to contact the owners of the store on the specified contact numbers and email addresses to ensure their responsibility.
Examine in detail the conditions of payment and delivery of goods – buy goods only where the terms of delivery and payment suit you.
Don't trust firms that do not offer privacy of your payment details. It's best to use a secure payment system such as PayPal or WebMoney, as well as pay for the goods that you receive in the mail or from a courier.
Protect your credit cards, make sure they do not fall into the hands of criminals and fraudsters. Do not send payment details by e-mail or instant messaging. Use only encrypted data protocols.
Be attentive and observant, and purchases through the Internet will give you pleasure, and eliminate the worries associated with shopping.