Advice 1: How to make a survey

Among people are of the opinion that the only method of practical psychology — a sociological survey. But this opinion is incorrect, since the methods of psychology a great many of these, which completely unrelated to surveys. Plus, the survey may only be of sociological method, as it is widely used in journalism, political science, law, etc. How is the poll?
The most complete form of the sociological survey - questionnaire..
First of all, before to start it, you need to clearly identify the procedure and purpose of the study. That is, the procedure is always preceded by the development of a research program, understanding the goals and objectives, hypotheses and categories of analysis.

Questions should be clear and clearly defined, with observance of language norms. The formulation of these questions necessarily correspond to the cultural level of the Respondent. Total number of questions should be included in the scope of common sense, not to tire the interviewee. The possibility of appreciation in matters offensive to Respondent's implication is expressly excluded.

Based on this, we need a plan for a sociological survey and a questionnaire. It is important to consider the social and demographic characteristics of respondents, otherwise the poll is meaningless. Therefore, the questionnaire should have a part called the passport, which recorded data about the respondents.
Further, it should explain all the respondents why you need this event, to reveal to them his purpose.

After all the preliminary procedures are performed, go directly to the survey. As the respondents ' answers are recorded in a special questionnaire, for further work with the received information.
When the survey is complete, you must process the results of the questionnaire:

1. Count the number of responses to each of the questions.

2. Recorded the results in a table.

3. Analyze the results and draw our conclusions.

In the table opposite need to offer answers to your questions to supply a quantity of their elections.
In General, methods of the sociological survey are very diverse. In addition to the survey, they include interviews, expert, mail, telephone and other surveys. Any of their varieties have their own characteristics, but are based on common principles and approaches.Despite all this diversity, the most common and comprehensive is the survey, it can most clearly reflect the results of the study.

Advice 2: What is the poll

Population surveys have become so familiar part of modern life that often it is reduced to almost all sociological studies. In reality the poll, though most popular, is not the only method of obtaining the primary sociological information. At the same time, not every poll can be considered sociological research. This requires adherence to a number of terms and technical procedures.
What is the poll
Sociological surveys are often called public opinion polls, precisely because their main task is to find out what people think about a phenomenon. Depending on the technology surveys are divided into direct and indirect. An example of a direct interview is an interview, when there is a direct dialogue of the interviewer with the Respondent. It does not matter there is this dialogue in person or on the phone. What is important is the contact between two people, the process of which is information transfer.

The varieties of the mediated survey include a survey, which is also an extremely common method of collecting sociological data. Questionnaire respondents can be transmitted in person, sent by mail, published in magazines or offered in the form of interactive forms on web sites. The Respondent independently fills in the questionnaire and returns it to the researchers. The survey suggests a number of questions with already pre-defined possible answers. Usually this is the traditional "Yes", "no", "no answer".

The more serious studies the list of possible answers can be much wider. This type of responses in sociology is called "closed" because they did not allow improvisation on the part of the respondents. In some cases, the list of closed responses is complemented by a blank line for a private opinion if it differs significantly from the proposed options. This type of response is called "open".

Any sociological survey requires the preliminary development of a program of research, which are the goals and objectives of this study, describes the methods applied and formulated a preliminary working hypothesis that the survey data should confirm or refute. Without such a theoretical part of any survey cannot be considered truly objective sociological study as a scientifically created and carefully calculated the sample allow to avoid many errors in the collection and processing of primary information.

Advice 3: How to hold the prom

Prom is one of the most important events in life. Every person growing up, repeatedly recalls his school, class, and the most discussed event of any reunion is, of course, their graduation ball. Therefore, anyone who wanted to hold a farewell to the school party for the graduates, should approach the matter responsibly and with originality and make this event memorable.
How to hold the prom
Consider space for formal and informal parts of the prom. Official part when the presentation of diplomas and medals, letters and tapes "the graduate", flowers and greetings to teachers and parents. This part is best done indoors, where usually there are formal events, somewhere where there are rows of chairs in order to seat many people. And, of course, there needs to be a scene.
Choose a place for the informal part of the prom, in consultation with the alumni themselves. You may find a suitable one, and it is completely different. Remember that this part is for the graduates of far more significance than the first, because the celebration occurs in the setting of my TV - just celebrating themselves, and sometimes their parents. So, the suitable place could be a café, a restaurant or any other place where you can sit in a big company, just do not forget that this is minor.
Consider the program of congratulations for the official part. Everyone should feel this night is important, because teachers and the school administration, and, of course, the parents put a lot of effort to this day has finally arrived and the students finally left their desks, taking with him a wealth of knowledge. Therefore, let all receives flowers and humorous certificates, and the host reads a congratulatory speech.
Come up with a programme for informal part – it must be radically different from the program of official. During this part of the graduates have to be entertained with jokes, stories from school life, preferably their own, hold funny competitions. Be sure to select leading or your favorite teacher of the class or Parallels, or just very funny person.
Don't forget about dancing! Prom definitely need to dance, so inviting a DJ, or even just to connect the computer to the speakers – a sacred duty of everyone who is pursuing graduation. Again, don't forget to consult with alumni on the topic of music – for example, conduct a poll and put at least one favorite dance songs of each, and the rest of the time take hits radio stations.
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