Computer memory is of several types. The two most important of these is the operational and physical memory. To view the operational computer memory, also called random access memory or RAM, you need to call the standard Windows "Run" ("Run"). To do this, click the start menu, select All programs" - "Accessories" and click on the shortcut of the program Run. You will be prompted to enter the name of the file, application or resource to open it. Enter in the "Open" combination of letters dxdiag. Click “OK”. You just launched the DirectX diagnostic tool. It allows you to view the main physical parameters of the computer or laptop. On the main tab called "System" look under "Memory". This graph displays the amount of RAM in the computer. Every 1024 MB to equal 1 GB. Followed by the string "Memory" is "swap File" is virtual memory size, which you can customize.
The second important computer memory – physical, in other words, the capacity of the hard disk drive (HDD). The more hard drive, the more it is possible to record various programs, games and any other data. To view hard disk space and its free part, go to "My computer", locate the drive (C:), click the right mouse button and select "Properties". You will see a chart which shows the used and free space on your hard drive, and also the signature "Capacity", which displays the volume of the entire hard disk.
After performing these two steps, you will learn all the characteristics of a computer associated with the switch memory.