Methods of ignition of the gas column is not much. In fact, there are only three:
Pezorozzhig. It's all done by hand. Click on the special button, which opens the flow of gas, and with the help of matches or electric lighters ignite the wick. Speaking of which, the wick continues to burn, even if the hot water you do not include. To some extent this is contrary to reasons of economy.
The electronic ignition. It all happens automatically. All you need to do is turn on the faucet with hot water, and ignite the column is automatic. When you close the faucet, the fuse goes off, going into standby mode. Not spend extra gas, as in the case of pierorazio.
The System Is Hydropower. Fully automated system, the principle of which is that there are turbine, which drives the water flow. The need the batteries needed to electronoise.
Manual ignition. In modern gas columns it is almost never used, but on older models even found.
In this case, the column is regulated by means of the handles of gas supply. Therefore, in order to light it, should put a fire (match, lighter) and turn the handle. Important: first turn on the water, and only then begin to kindle the column. Do not leave the work column, when the water is not flowing.
Many people are afraid to put the gas column due to pseudo bomb threat. However, modern gotocollege originally equipped with a safety system that controls the operation of the column and independently regulates the process. And it will agree, greatly simplifies not only the operation but also your life.