Nothing impossible in this. The main thing – to find the time to overcome their fears of failure and not to ignore the naysayers. Of course, to try to start something, being Mature personality - test which will sustain not everyone. It's like that again to come to the first class. However, if the need for creative self-expression exists, about the difficulties to forget.
To start, naturally have with the basics. Whatever creative activity you choose, it is necessary to learn. For example, many people dream to draw. But if you never did, then the first test, quite naturally, will be a little like art masterpieces. Do not worry – all things start small. However, patience and hard work as successful believe in creativity , people, make up 99% of talent.
But what if the soul needs something beautiful, but what exactly – is not clear? Try to determine what you have a predisposition. If you love music, can compose, sing, and your heart always sensitively responds to the melodious sounds – you have a talent for music. If you are a good storyteller, able to captivate with its history of others and you have a wild imagination – you have literary talent. But if you don't have enough words to Express my feelings, but it pulls to throw them out on paper in the form of paintings, you have art talent. Artistic talent manifests itself in manners that how emotionally he something tells, can convey the tone and facial expressions of other people. In any case, you will first of all have to listen to yourself.
Starting to do creative work, never compare yourself to others. Outward signs of talent not always recognized as such in the soul of the author. Maybe someone you consider a genius, secretly jealous of you and wants to learn your techniques. In any case, the road to success is always thorny and difficult, so do not expect to immediately gain acceptance.
And the last one. If the desire to engage in a certain kind of creativity suddenly dries up – do not worry. Nothing, especially strong emotions, does not last forever. Perhaps you have reached a certain level and you have to look for a new path in creativity. But don't forget to listen to your heart.