Almost all of us want to succeed in work, in art, in Hobbies, in learning in General. But sometimes, even if it takes the most favorite and enjoyable thing, and frankly may not be enough motivation. Especially if you right now don't see big positive results, and can be, and all things are as they say, not very.

Most importantly, in the latter case - to give yourself the right to fail. Remember that setbacks also make sense: they learn, they learn lessons. Every defeat is a new experience. Don't forget to give yourself a rest. If all day to sit on handmade jewellery or blog posts, not to get out of the gym, the results will be better! You just get tired, start to avoid mistakes, feel bad about monotonous activities, and moreover it is a lesson, you just get bored.

And the rest, by the way, can also with great benefit for motivation. For example, to watch movies, listen to your favorite music or reading books about success stories of others. From the books that describe someone else's success, you can derive very useful lessons to further avoid obvious mistakes.

You can also relaxation easy to change the view classes in the framework of the same case. For example: you want to succeed in creating jewelry? Stop weaving, stringing, embroidery! Take the album and pencils for sketches, get out into nature, pick a sketch and design of future creations. You can listen to inspirational music.

If you have spare money, go shopping and buy new materials from which to do something are literally hands itch. Visit the master class, where you will learn to work in radically new technology. All of this will really help you to develop!

In addition to the above, it is important to have a free resource, energy for selected activities. Organize your schedule and plan your day so that you never or almost never had to tired of the boring, unnecessary Affairs that tiring already one fact of its existence. Do not communicate with people nearby with whom you bad. It will bring into your reality the negative. Don't look annoying and terrifying news programs.

You should direct a reality only in a positive way, as positive emotions entail only the good, joyful and kind consequences. Make your life better — and you will always have power for the hobby!