You will need
  • Desire, belief in yourself, patience, the ability to control myself to not happen.
Few people know how to appreciate what he has. Somehow, it is considered that lucky might be the only one who has reached the heights of success. If you have no iPhone latest model or you're not wearing the clothes of famous brands, you're a loser and will never be able to enjoy life. But the secret is that all those who possess great wealth, depend on how many of their products will buy simple man. And for this they are using the media to impose that you can be happy only if all of these things. So do not perceive that the possession of material goods can help you learn how to enjoy life. It is not so.
To be a happy person can only when he is satisfied with his life. He is glad that he has, I was grateful that I was able to purchase, appreciate the friends and loved ones. In any situation he is able to see positive aspects, but this does not mean that a happy person does not know how to react. On the contrary, when sick and sad, he's miserable, but when everything in his life well, he doesn't whine and doesn't think only in the future will be able to enjoy life and notice the good that is today.
No need to wait on others that they will become better, nicer and kinder. Change yourself, and your example, others will follow. To change the world, change your attitude and yourself. Take your time to evaluate what is happening, get used to analyze any situation from all sides. Then you do things differently, even the most difficult problems in your life.
To appreciate what you have very easily when faced with adversity. Start to help those in need, and you will immediately understand, what can say life thank you. Health, peace of mind, kindness, caring, strength, politeness, ability to take responsibility, your loved one, good friends and a job that you like and allows you to fulfill your potential, the availability of housing and a good income, - all this is worthy to enjoy your own life.
Never deny help to children-orphans, lonely pensioners, people with disabilities, children who are sick. Your help will be most of the way shelters for homeless animals, and taking with the streets of the miserable creature, which is nothing nevinovata, you make this world much better and kinder. The love and devotion that it will give you anything you can not compare. So you will not be able to love anybody. Animals don't see your flaws, do not reproach and do not degrade, they believe in you and know that you are the most kind and good on the earth. Therefore, it remains only to match the faith in yourself.
The researchers came to the unequivocal conclusion that the happier a person is, not when it earns more and more, and when giving others. Think about how you can help right now. Maybe it's time to say "thank you" to your parents for what they have done for you, to help friends to solve difficult problems or make a small financial contribution for the orphanage and animal shelter, established in your city.
Start to implement their own long-forgotten dreams. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to take a step forward and feel like a strong person capable of achieving anything you desire. The memory of the desires that appeared in childhood or adolescence, at the same time give the opportunity to re-experience the faith and hope that lies ahead all the best. Don't pass up the opportunity to rejoice that you managed to achieve over the years.