You will need
  • Network hub network cables.
Start a network with the selection of the server computer. It needs to have a sufficient capacity to handle the flows of information passing through it to other computers or laptops. Another important requirement is to have a second network adapter.
Connect to the selected computer cable Internet connection. Configure access to the Internet for this device.
Purchase a network hub (switch). It is necessary in order to ensure the connection of the other computers or laptops with a computer-server.
Connect the hub with a second network adapter in your computer and other devices on the future network.
Open the settings of the Internet connection on the host computer. Select the tab "Access". Open Internet access to local network using hub. After applying the settings, the IP address of the second network adapter must be set to
Turn on the other computers in the local network. Open the control center network and sharing on one of them. Go to properties of LAN connection. Go to "Internet Protocol TCP/IP" and open its properties. The screen will display a window containing five major fields.
In the first field enter Press the Tab button. Verify that the system automatically gave the subnet mask for this device. Press again the Tab button. Enter in this field the IP address of the first computer. Repeat the last step for the following fields. Save the settings.
Repeat the previous step for all other computers. In this regard, each time changing the last digit of the IP address. If you did everything correctly, all computers will have access to the Internet. Provided of course that the first computer is turned on.