You will need
  • - pet-mouse-catcher;
  • - fotosesija (options: coriander, mint, fritillary, milkweed, chernokoren, garlic, elderberry, black currant, nezabudok);
  • - wood ash;
  • ultrasonic repellents rodents;
  • - protective measures against mice.
Get a cat. If your apartment often visited mice, this pet is all you need. It is believed that cat is a better Mouser than the cats. In any case, even the smell of this animal is able to scare away mice. If you are not able to contain the Mouser in the house, from time to time ask him "rent" from friends. Experience shows that after a visit to the flat cat rodents cautious for another 2-3 weeks. People with allergies to cat hair can help tame a hedgehog. The presence of this predator also don't like mice. However, keep a pet spiny troublesome, moreover, it is required hibernation.
Use fotosesiu – different plants, which is a smell that mice don't suffer. To get rid of rodents, gardeners often grow on their plots coriander, spearmint, fritillary, milkweed, chernokoren, garlic, elderberry, black currant and nezabudok. Take advantage of this experience and zaschite the most fragrant parts of these plants (stems, leaves, roots or seeds). They should lay out the cups and put in places of possible appearance of mice. From time to time change the contents of the containers to repellent the smell never wears off.
Stock up on wood ashes. Lye is a proven method of dealing with mice, the taste rodents do not favor (because they are forced to lick dirty feet). Not accidentally mouse a few years do not attend the house built on the site of the fires. And gardeners protect from murine teeth trees, treating their trunks ash. Try to fill up with alkali underground and the alleged place of occurrence of the gray thieves.
Buy a special device to repel miceusing ultrasonic waves. The human ear, these sounds do not perceive, however, rodents don't like it. Modern devices are constantly changing their range, so the animals do not have time to adapt to the unknown enemy. Practice shows that to achieve the desired result it is necessary to use ultrasound for at least three weeks. With the emergence of a new batch of rodents will have to turn the device on again. Disadvantage of this means of dealing with mice – it requires electricity, and you will not be able to use the device indefinitely.
Protect your home from rodents. Simple measures will help, if not completely ward off these sneaky animals, you greatly reduce the damage from their attacks.
• All attractive to mice food stocks and items should be located out of reach (in a closed glass or metal containers, hermetically closed shelves, in drawers, edged with angles of steel or aluminum, etc.). • Hanging food (for example, dried mushrooms and dried fish) should not touch the surface of the walls. • Upholstered furniture, in closets and verandas, to raise on high (smoothly hewn!) bars, and best of all – to glass jars. • Do not start in the apartment and the closet of the rubble of unnecessary things and debris. The kitchen should always be particularly clean.
• Seal all holes through which can penetrate rodents: plates of metal, steel shavings, dry replum or cement mortar. Fine mesh protect ducting and hoods.