To solve this problem, you need to have an idea about the composition of the ink. Thus, ink marker Edding 400 created alcohol-based, so you can safely assume that the flush you can normal alcohol.
There are a large number of industrial markers for various purposes. During the repair when laying tiles used for marking special markers with water-resistant permanent ink and has a lacquer effect. However that can drain water, it will be for one of the solvents. Feel free to experiment, because tile is resistant to chemical attack.
There will be no problems with a marker for glass. The ink made to the chalk-based and easily washed off with a damp sponge. But if you tried all the solvents were powerless, then most likely you "ran" on the aerospace marker that uses pigmented water-based ink. They are very resistant to dyes, solvents and light. However, a chance encounter with him a little, since it is used mainly for the labels on airplane parts. There is no fear and highlighter for the skin. Its scope is also very specific – radiology, nuclear medicine, dermatology and surgery. The ink is water based and therefore wash off with water.
Marker for industrial graphics suitable for all surfaces and materials, even if they are covered with rust, grime, dust and oily film. It will have some trouble – it doesn't wash off and even removed by mechanical means. The truth about solvents does not say anything and so try, that might work. In order not to act blindly, read the title of the marker to find its description online. There is quite detailed about the properties of the ink.