You will need
  • - white spirit
  • - alcohol
  • - water
  • - sponge
  • brush.
In order to clean the corrector, you need to find out its composition. There are different types of correctors, which are characterized by their basis. You can find it by reading the composition, which must be specified on the bottle. You can just smell the bottle – it also helps you are unlikely to confuse the smell of acetone or alcohol. Corrector on the basis of water removed by water, alcohol – clean with alcohol (vodka, Cologne), if the basis of the acetone – try a liquid varnish remover, white spirit, acetone.
Before trying to wash a concealer with potent tools, the better to make a kind of training. Apply the concealer on unnecessary thing and try to clean it up. Only after you figure out what tools fits best – proceed to the removal of the corrector with the thing on which he accidentally hit. And even in this case it is better to drip a drop on a clean area and things to see – because potent drugs can damage the color of things, to spoil, for example, synthetic fabric, plastic.
Try to use to remove the corrector special liquid for diluting corrective means that are sold in stationery shops. If the basis is the same as the one produced by the corrector, spots will turn to scrub.
If chemicals are not helped to clean the corrector, is to use a mechanical – some markers will not dissolve in alcohol and solvent, but well rubbed with a brush or scraper. It's a laborious task to clean would be long, but the other way just yet. Gently cleans corrector particles embedded in the surface of things, trying not to damage the thing itself. Suitable sponges, brushes, scrapers, depending on what surface you want to remove a corrective tool.