Let's start with the worst, but often today space for arts - LCD monitor. Here to help ordinary alcohol, you can dilute it with water. The markers themselves are largely alcohol, so the alcohol removes the marker well. Many types of wipes for LCD monitors contain alcohol, but in this case should not be used. The fact that the microfiber cloth which makes up the wipes themselves scratch the surface. Much more careful to cleanse the monitor cloth, which are sold for cleaning glasses. Even the vodka is diluted with water and wash her. But all sorts of colognes better not to try - can be spot. Liquid nail Polish remover, too, is not an assistant, but rather the enemy. Even if there is no acetone, ethyl acetate which it contains will damage anti-glare surface.
If we talk about the surface more than usual, it is necessary to note the fact that markers byvaut water-based and alcohol. The first is often washed simply with warm water and liquid soap. The second type is more difficult.
If on glass "flaunts" the junk inscription, it is possible to arm the same alcohol. Motorists suggest gasoline, kerosene, brake fluid (not all at once, of course!) It happens that the tool for removing the varnish helps. On the glass - you can. Wood such fluid will not help, rather will smear the stain even more. You can try the Cologne or dishwashing detergent. If the painted sofa or clothing - helps to "Vanish", carpet shampoos. Many praise the child", and not just remove stains from sofas. but with other surfaces. There are still the solvent 646, but first you need to try on a small inconspicuous uchastke, so as not to ruin the fabric completely. And to scour the stain cautiously, washing off immediately with water. If the stain is still fresh, voorwiel with a cloth soaked in sunflower oil and scour away from the edges of the stain toward the center. Just remember as soon as this thing washed.
the white sofa is not to know
Go to the kitchen. Fridge, stove, linoleum... you can try the "Cif" - the tool itself is powerful. And you can resort to using ordinary toothpaste. Apply a little paste on the stain, leave for a few seconds to she did not have time to dry, and start rubbing. The pasta will begin to acquire the color of the marker.
Tile, linoleum good clean with white spirit or alcohol. Even a capricious surface as the flooring can these solutions poterat, just a quick rinse and wipe, without leaving dull spots.
Linoleum can be washed alternating white spirit with washing up liquid detergent to the aggressive solution does not corrode the surface.
How to clean marker