Before starting home treatments, you must specify how often you can steam your face without harm. And also understand that generally give steaming and cleaning.

The purpose of the procedure

Skin steaming serves two purposes. First, the procedure to opening pores, helps excrete toxins, and facilitates the scrubbing sebaceous plugs. Second, after steaming the skin to better absorbs nutrients from natural homemade masks.

The types of procedures

Proper steaming the face with oily skin is a session similar to inhalation. In a small pan or bowl to pour hot water, about 80-90 ° C, cover your head with a towel and breathe over the steam 7-15 minutes.

For dry skin this method of steaming is not recommended. It is better to moisten a thick towel in the hot herbal decoction (about 60oC) and apply to face for 10 minutes.

The regularity of the procedures

No concrete answer to how often you can steam your face. We must start from the skin type and its condition.

For problem epidermis with increased sebaceous secretion and enlarged pores must be at least one session per week. For dry sensitive skin – one treatment in 10-14 days.

Also be aware that during menstruation, or if there is a local eruption on the face, hold the steaming strongly not recommended because the procedure may worsen the problem.

Normal skin is guided by its needs, and to conduct the steaming and cleaning as needed. Prevention is only a couple of treatments per month in winter and one per week in the summer.

Something to add to the water

Hot steam opens the pores well. And to get an additional effect, the cleansing, moisturizing, soothing – add to water for steaming some herb or essential oil.

For oily skin great collection of chamomile, rosemary, birch leaf, Linden flower, fruit chestnut. Combo epidermis is to steam over the broth of mother-and-stepmother, lime and mint.

Soothe dry and sensitive skin will help licorice, chamomile, dandelion and Bay leaf. A Mature skin will strengthen anise, ginger and cinnamon.

Also pay attention to essential oils – geranium, patchouli, rose, rosemary, lavender, lime, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, etc. They are not only beneficial to the skin, but also clears the respiratory system, preventing colds.