Mango should be stored at room temperature. But not more than five days. Even if the fruit is a little ripe, wrap them in newsprint and leave it in the room. They will become more mellow and fragrant. You can leave the fruit at a lower temperature of 10 degrees. So they'll stay intact a little longer - about 3 weeks.
But the refrigerator is not the best for these fruits place. Mango cannot tolerate the cold. The maximum for them is one day in the fridge, and then when the fruit is ripe. At low temperature the flesh of the mango is destroyed. But remember that typically the mango is not for weeks. Do not buy this fruit for a month before the holiday. You need to use mango in a few days.
In addition, there are numerous ways to preserve mangoes, invented in the homeland of this delicious fruit. Because not only do we harvest from the beds for winter harvests. You can soak the fruits in salty water, until, until they become crisp and colorless. It is pickled mango, it is called mamuang dongor. You can soak it in the syrup - it will be mamuang chae - soaked in sugar mango.
Can be dried mango in the sun - the fruits are brown, shiny and last longer. Salty dried mango is a great snack that can even relieve symptoms of motion sickness.
Besides, you can just cut the mango into pieces and freeze.
It is also important correctly to choose this exotic fruit. From this also depends on how long it will be mango fresh and appetizing. Skin color won't tell you about anything - colouring of mango varies from reddish to greenish. But the skin should be shiny. Good fruit mango slightly elastic - it should not be crumpled from the pressure of his fingers. Overripe fruit is better not to buy. But a slight odor, similar to turpentine should not scare you - it is a feature of mango.