You will need
  • - pot
  • earth
  • plastic bottle
Clean the bone of mango fruit from the pulp and put it on two weeks in a container of clean room temperature water. Don't forget to change the water.
Prepare a pot for planting seeds. Make a well in the bottom of the pot with a few drainage holes. Pour on the bottom of the pot portion of the expanded clay, then add soil for cacti, mixed with sand in the ratio of 2:1.
Put a bone in the prepared soil. The bone should be put sideways to avoid incorrect planting root up. On top lightly sprinkle with ground pour.
Take a plastic bottle from under the water and cut it into two parts. One part of the bottle put it into a pot with soil to the bottle was covered planted a mango seed,. This is necessary to maintain moisture. In another month, and perhaps much earlier, you will be able to see in the pot hatched sprouts mango. If one of the bones will appear multiple shoots, it is not recommended to transplant them immediately. Allow the plants to get strong first, and then transplant to different pots with fertile soil.
Mango you need to put on bright and Sunny place, protected from drafts. Mangoes do not grow well on the North side. For him, the ideal option would be South, southwest or West side of the window. If you have the North side or low illumination level, it is necessary to resort to the use of illumination by fluorescent light.
Mango does not tolerate dry soil. Its leaves must be sprayed several times a day to pour, but it was not observed stagnant water. It is also harmful to plants.
In order to stop the growth of plants, it is necessary to hold the topping of the apical Bud with a leaf. After that, the plant will form a crown.
After two years, the plants need to be transplanted into a larger pot with fertile soil.
The plant needs feeding. If you want to have a healthy mango with shiny and firm leaves, you spend a monthly top dressing at least once during the winter. In spring and summer the plant needs more frequent fertilizing (up to three times per month).
If you want to grow a mango at home, you grow dwarf varieties of this beautiful plant, which in India is considered sacred.